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A Progressive Dinner is a dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different host. RGNA’s party is that but on a larger scale. Not only do you eat each course in a different home but with a whole new group of people.

All the guests for the dinner party meet at one home for appetizers. Then you will be given a card with the addresses of the home in which you will enjoy soup/salad and the home where you will have the entrée. At each home, you will dine with a different group of Rockhill Gardens neighbors.

To participate, you must be a dues-paying member of the Association and offer to serve as either a host/ hostess or cook for one course. If you offer to host, you are expected to only provide a place to sit for 10-12 people—no cooking is required! If you wish to cook, you need only prepare enough to feed each person a small amount. (There are usually two or three cooks assigned to each home.)

If you are new to the neighborhood—of if you haven't attended previously—the Progressive Dinner offers an excellent opportunity to meet other folks in the neighborhood and to enjoy wonderful food and conversation. This year’s dinner will begin with appetizers at 6:00 pm . The weather should be cooler for evening walks but, hopefully, not too cold to enjoy appetizers and dessert outside.

If you would like to participate, please contact our Director of Events by email . Please be sure to include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and if you would like to host or cook. If you prefer to cook, please indicate your top two preferences for a course (appetizer, soup/salad, entrée or dessert).


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